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Matthew Krick


Ken Krick


Krick Design Build specializes in small scale residential Architecture, Design, and Construction in the Colorado Front Range. Founded by Matthew Krick, Licenced Architect and Licensed General Contractor, Krick Design Build carries experienced architectural and design excellence from the first sketch to the last coat of paint. 


Housed under one roof, Krick Design Build executes every phase of your project, ensuring the highest quality of work at every stage.


Matthew's passion and reputation for creating passive income for homeowners, while providing affordable housing to the greater Denver community, has led to a flourishing practice in a highly sought after market. 

Ken Krick is our Foreman on the job site.  He brings over 40 years of construction experience to every job he works on.  He will ensure that all work is done in a safe manner is meets the highest quality.  Ken helps with the estimating and labor coordination.  In his truck, he has almost every tool for any situation.

He taught Matthew just about everything he knows when it comes to construction.  Don't call him Mr. Krick.  That's what Grandpa went by.

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